Free Nauru: A Poem

Free Nauru.
A Poem By Christian. M. Bashimbe.

This is a long journey.
Out of honey, no more funny.
Starting a way, without being away,
coming your way from far away.
A hard journey, out of water-proof clothes and honey.
You couldn’t imagine how far the safe land was,
until the migration police boards and surrounds all.

This is a long journey.
Out of honey, no more funny.
In the world of why, plenty of cry.
Everyone fears to try, spending all day looking in the sky.
One could only talk to the moon in the afternoon,
living in the middle of dark and light,
where death and life both fight.
Until one loses hope and the second wins the case.
This is a long journey.
Out of honey, no more funny.
If human rights and social justice were clothes,
they could be worn in winter to get warm,
and in summer to stay cool.
Packing your bag on your back, without looking back in the dark.
Coming through the sea, and couldn’t see,
how risk was expected after a pause, and until fifty turn into twenty.
This is a long journey.
Out of honey, no more funny.
Life through fear, takes the smile,
and worries fit the expectations.
Trauma becomes part of the daily dilemma.
If detention centres were a book, who could be a reader,
when none shows love and compassion.

Let us not separate human and rights but keep both human-rights.
Let us not set apart social and justice but maintain social justice.
Let us break the fence and free them all.
Let all embrace the Australian Multicultural garden beauty.

About the author:
Christian Bashimbe is a young man from Wodonga, originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Through reflections of his own migration experiences and others, Christian has developed a keen passion for social justice causes, in particular the needs and dreams of young people who've experienced the migration journey. English is not Christian's first language; nor is it his second or third. Yet, he has developed a passion for expressing his thoughts through the written word. In English no less.  

Christian is a member of AWECC and African Youth Albury Wodonga (AWAY).